Thursday, September 22, 2011

Radical by David Platt

Ladies! Be watching out for some events coming just for you!

We hope that the Lord is using our Wednesday night study of "Radical" to speak to your heart and provide a new perspective.  This book is very in your face and personally, I love that.  I need someone to be in my face now and then.  Chapter 2 presented our "American View" of church and no doubt it stepped on some toes! But, it's ok to have our toes stepped on- what matters is our response.  Do we well up in pride or do we take an honest look in the mirror and make a change?  Getting over ourselves is a big obstacle, isn't it?  Be encouraged by what the Lord is teaching you through His word and His messengers.  This book is a wonderful study tool but I want to encourage you to be picking up your bible and reading it every day.  If you are reading it out of obligation and you know it, you keep reading and pray for a hunger for it! The Word never goes void! I want you to know that it can be so much more than something on your list to check off daily but don't beat yourself up if that is what it is right now.  You are loved my sister!

Moving on! As the title suggests, you all need to keep your eyes peeled for some things coming up geared to you ladies to provide fellowship, fun, and most importantly time to grow closer to the Lord.  The first event coming up will be the Progressive Dinner in December.  This is a time to reach out so invite your friends!  Extend the invite to friends who go to church somewhere else and let's feast and laugh together in worship of Him as we are all on the same team! Bring your friends who do not go to church somewhere and give them an opportunity to take a break from the stresses of life and have a some fun with the girls.  You aren't allowed to ask me any questions about it yet because I have no answers for you but you can anticipate what's to come anyway! The Lord has shown me that 'the wait' can be very exciting!

Praying for you all a day of abundant joy!!