Monday, May 12, 2008

What's Coming in Women's Ministry!

How to Study the Bible For Yourself!
A 2 part course being offered in June. Exact dates to be announced soon!

How do I know what type of bible to choose? Does the translation really make a difference? Do I need a commentary, concordance, or bible dictionary and what are those things anyway? How do I study the bible on my own at home, understand it, and apply it?

This course is easy schmeasy and will answer all those questions and more! When you finish this 2 week course, you'll feel more confident in studying the word on your own at home and might even find yourself hungry to get in deeper!

Apples of Gold

Hey Girls! Apples of Gold is almost over!
Boy, this has been a great 6 weeks, hasn't it?
This little blog is just for you to share your Apple Seeds from the past 6 weeks! Share something you learned....your favorite study.....a funny story......whatever!
This is the place to post those thoughts!
Share the Love! Share the Fun!