Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ladies Night Out Picnic

Hi Ladies!
Thank you for a successful picnic! We had a great time!
God gave us mild temperatures! Thank you, Father.

You know, with everything we do through the Women's Ministry, we pray that there is always purpose. The purpose of events like the picnic is to give us time away from the busyness of our schedules to relax and take the time to get to know each other and have fun. We do not always have those opportunities when we are at church, so the social events and bible studies give us the opportunity to do that. When you see Mrs. Arminta, give her a hug! It is very rare that we get the chance to just sit and listen to a member of our older generation. Arminta is a woman who loves the Lord and she is a faithful teacher of His word. Last night, she allowed us time to get to know her and she is a hoot, girls! We can learn so much from her generation and I think that's what the Lord had in mind when He moved us to invite her to come and talk to us. Arminta and others just like her in the church want to be used and they are valuable having much to offer each one of us. We are thankful for her and thankful to you for loving her up while she shared!

Thank you to everyone who played a part in the picnic:

Matt - setting up the sound system
Brandon Carrell and Eric Hiitola - babysitting 12 kids so their moms could enjoy the picnic
All of you who brought all the great food!
Mrs. Arminta for sharing herself with us
Forrest and Kenya Mitchell for fogging the yard for mosquitoes!
Our neighbors for their driveway! (Randy and Rebecca Mcgeehee)