Sunday, August 26, 2007

Women of Faith

Tell us about how God worked in your life during your Women of Faith weekend!


Carmen said...

I have felt a little distant from most of the women in our church for some time. I decided to step out in faith to the prayer I have been praying for closer friendships within our church. God blessed me so much and I had so much fun. My husband and I have had some struggles recently and this weekend was such a boost for me! I know that God will set me free and I will be free indeed. Free from my past, free from my insecurities, free from my own ridicule of myself... I know I will be free indeed! If you get the chance to go next year and you aren't sure because you don't really know anyone else that is going.... take a step of Faith and let God bless you with new friends!

Leslie said...

WOW, This was such a great experience for me. This was my first WOF confrence, but it definately will not be my last. I can not express or discribe what it was like. I can only say that if you have never been you must go and experience it for yourself. I have to say THANK YOU to all the ladies that were there. I don't have many female friends and I like Carmen feel distant from the women of our church at times. (not because of the women, but because I am afraid to reach out) Spending this time with you was part of the whole WOF experience and I thank you. (p.s. Before WOF I would have need too afraid to express that But now I am free to be the real me.) God Bless!

Julia said...


It was awesome. There was not a negative thing about the whole trip….rooms, transportation, meals, etc. etc. I loved every minute of it. The ladies refreshed me and enlightened me. The only thing I would like to contribute is just a tip for next year since we are getting bigger every year. I would have felt better if we could have thought to put our cell numbers down on the group roster of who was going and passed out copies to everyone. That way, we could have called if someone was running late or lost when it came time to meet back together. However, I am a worry wart at times and a country girl. Dallas, TX is not my favorite place to be after dark on a Friday night. Just thought this might could be done next time we go. Nobody got lost or hurt, it was just me wanting everybody to congregate safely and soundly back together when it was over.

I would like to thank the drivers who took their cars and a big thank you to Lisa Nieto for her expert city driving in a large van. I loved Women of Faith and I love our Rocky Point ladies!!!!


Julia Stokes

Tina Aardal said...

There are no words that can describe my feelings for Women of Faith!! I enjoy it every year except when pregnant with twins! LOL!. This is my fourth time to go and I ALWAYS get something out of it! This year I get to be animated because the bible tells me so. HA!HA! There is something about the power you feel when 15,000 women are in one building! I leave feeling that I know all of those women and connect with each one of them. We have something in common and that is the truth of God and the spirit that he gives us. Looking forward to seeing who all comes next year! Love you all.